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Toad & Sew - Nebulous - Quilt Paper Pattern



The Nebulous Quilt is a pattern written by Taylor Krz of Toad & Sew.

The Nebulous quilt draws inspiration from the vast Southwest night sky, featuring a deep indigo background that creates a burst-like effect. Designed for intermediate quilters, it serves as a skill-building project with tricky techniques incorporated into the pattern. Available in three sizes and two color options—5-tone for a vibrant look or 2-tone for a more subtle style—Nebulous is a versatile and visually striking creation that caters to different preferences and purposes. 

This pattern offers various layout and size options, allowing you ample choices to personalize it according to your preferences. It is suitable for intermediate quilters due to the importance of sewing precision using both a 1/4" and scant seam allowance. 


  • Baby: 55" x 55"

  • Throw: 70" x 70"

  • Bed: 90" x 90"