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Talking Out of Turn - Perpetual Planner - Griddy Grid (Large Size)


Full of soft color and nostalgic grid and dot patterns, this is the zen-vibes-only planner you’ve been looking for. Get it for the amazing goal ideas and resources, keep it for the sustained focus and productivity it brings to your days (not to mention that “ohmmm” feeling.)

Key Features:
  • This planner is UNDATED. Just fill in the dates and get going!
  • Modern design with arched details and a soft neutral palette to keep you grounded
  • Includes a convenient interior folder and a full sheet of custom-designed stickers
  • Four pages of resources and ideas for your yearly goals and habits, broken into easy-to-digest categories
  • Yearly Table with spaces to record goals in six key categories, along with your “how” and “why” for each goal
  • Monthly Dashboards featuring prompts to record your overall goals, track habits, and break your monthly plans down from week-to-week
  • Monthly Calendar Grids with plenty of space to record your plans
  • Weekly Spreads for your Monday-Friday grind that features alternating grid and dot patterns 
  • Sturdy coil binding and elastic closure help you keep it all together

Who is this planner for?
This planner is designed to flex to your schedule. With space to write in your own dates, it starts when you’re ready. This design is perfect for the person who is interested in setting and tracking concrete goals for the year (and might need some inspiration while they’re at it.) If you are in search of peace amidst the chaos, and want to take steps toward a truly focused state of mind, this is your planner.

  • Large (7.25" W x 10" H) - this is a great desktop planner and feels substantial in your hands.