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KNIT -1/2 Yard Knit Fabric - Taco Love Light by Dana Willard



Taco Love Light in Knit Four Way Stretch Fabric In the big state of Texas, there’s always a reason to take a day trip. Dana Willard takes us on a colorful adventure through fields of blooming cacti, bluebonnets, and all the things she loves about her home state. 

Four Way Stretch Fabric 95% Cotton 5% Spandex 58-60`- 175g/sqm 

Fabric yardage is sold by the 1/2 yard. Choose the QTY that you would like to buy. Fabric will be shipped in one continuous piece.

1 QTY = ½ Yard
2 QTY= 1 Yard
3 QTY = 1 ½ Yards
4 QTY= 2 Yards
….and so on.