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Court Jester Quilt Pattern Quilt Pattern by Hello Melly Designs- Paper Printed Quilt Pattern

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This item only includes the printed paper pattern.

Designed by Melanie from Hello Melly Designs. This intermediate pattern is a visual display of fun, and comes in Throw, Twin, and Queen sizes. Templates are included in the pattern, so no special rulers are required.

This quilt pattern is topsy-turvy, like looking down at a Jester’s Hat! The pattern seems to spin and radiate, and only looks complicated- where in reality, it is a great quilt for experienced beginners and intermediate quilters! Printable templates are included in the pattern.

The pattern comes in three sizes: throw, twin, and queen. This quilt pattern has been tested and edited. Any pattern corrections can be found at www. hellomellydesigns.com/quilt-pattern-updates/

Format: This product is a paper copy of the pattern.