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Andes Ode Quilt Pattern by Fran of Cotton and Joy - Paper Printed Quilt Pattern


This item only includes the printed paper pattern. Andes Ode Pattern by Fran of Cotton and Joy.

Andes Ode is inspired by Mapuche textiles from Fran's country, Chile. This beginner friendly pattern is a great weekend project that makes a bold statement.

Choose from three color variations for a personalized touch on a design steeped in tradition. Pattern includes helpful diagrams, detailed instructions, two alternate colorways, and a Color-Your-Own page to help you decide your fabric choices.

Sizes: Includes 3 size options (Baby, Throw, and Queen) and 3 color variations.

Skill Level: Beginner. The pattern assumes the quilter knows basic piecing techniques.

Format: This product is a paper copy of the pattern.